Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht



Original Song: "Valerie" by Steve Winwood

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He smiled, standing there, said I had to prepare
I can still remember just how he trained me
There's still no one like Obiwan
So cool, he was like a glass of Guinness stout
Troopers killed my folks, they are such sourkrauts
Now I'm set on a course that will teach me the force

Destiny, calling me - calling me, destiny
Yoda told me - be the Jedi I want to be

So we booked a ship, headed to Alderaan
But Ben heard them cry out just like they're dying
When we got there we were ensnared
Death star, pulled us in, but it was meant to be
Leia, in a cell - we had to set her free
Got away, but I'm blue - Obiwan's cut in two

Destiny, calling me - calling me, destiny
Yoda told me - deal with Darth, Jedi will I be

Vader read my mind - put Leia in his plans
I got really mad then I cut off his hand
And I know it's no myth that my dad is a Sith

Destiny, calling me - calling me, destiny
Vader saved me - he's the Jedi he used to be
I'm the Jedi I said I'd be