Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht



Original Song: "Emotion" by The BeeGees

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It's over and done
And the planets now number eight
They pulled out the one that didn't fit after a long debate

The Kupier belt has lots of objects
Pluto is out there, it's part of the crowd
If we name it a planet there'll be many others
Better to bid that world adieu

In the words of the IAU
It's a demotion to dwarf planet status
Pluto should not have been number nine
'Cause it's too eccentric and smaller than Russia
You know that there are eight planets left in orbit to memorize
Eight planets left since Pluto said its goodbyes
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye

Since '78
When Charon was discovered too
And Pluto became a double world
Its status needed this review

And Pluto can be closer than Neptune
Every so often becomes number eight
You know it doesn't orbit within the ecliptic
You should admit it doesn't fit

It's a planet that's not legit
So a demotion to dwarf planet status
Pluto and Charon and their two moons
First Nix and then Hydra were seen with the Hubble
You know that it is possible others orbit in Pluto's skies
Seems like it is the right thing to say goodbye
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye

In the words of the IAU
It's a demotion to dwarf planet status
But New Horizons is on its way
And when it arrives there we'll have much more data
And so we'll finally know just exactly what label to apply
Were we correct when we told Pluto goodbye

It's a demotion to dwarf planet status
But is that final, or could it change?
In twenty-fifteen we'll have so much more data
And know if Pluto is just a comet grown to gigantic size