Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht



Original Song: "Memory" by Andrew Lloyd Webber

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And I'm here with my PC
'Cause my company needs me to be working this late
There's a deadline that must be met tomorrow at noon
So I'm stuck here with the moon

I'm alone in the office
With the clack of the keyboard, I continue to work
In the break room I've got some coffee brewing again
I can hear it as it perks

And I suddenly wake up
And I try not to panic, just six hours to go
Get more coffee and splash some water onto my face
Yesterday seems long ago

Every keystroke seems to beat a fatalistic warning
Got to focus on some hocus pocus
To finish up this morning

Everyone is arriving
But I've got to ignore them and just finish the task
I'm so close now I just ignore my email and phone
Three more hours' all I ask

Burnt out brain and coffee stains won't stop me from my mission
Management will applaud my skill
And give me recognition

High noon
And I've finished the project
So I give it to my boss and I wait for the praise
Then he tells me the deadline got extended a week
So I punch him in the face