Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht



Original Song: "Yesterday" by The Beatles

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Christmas music seemed so far away
Now it's in my ears and here to stay
Can we go back to yesterday

It's Mariah Carey endlessly
And there's not a place where I can flee
When dogs bark "Jingle Bells" at me

Why we have to hear songs of cheer
I do not know
Stop this Christmas beat or I'll eat
The mistletoe

Whamageddon was so far away
Now "Last Christmas" is on constant play
I got your heart right here, ok?

Speakers all bellow Let It Snow
From every shelf
One more Silent Night and I might
Just choke an elf

I was fine and not at all insane
Now this music's stuck inside my brain
The Drummer Boy is here to stay