Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


Christmas Carol

Original Song: "Hotel California" by The Eagles

Parody Performed By: Skip Briggs

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On a cool autumn morning, out back in the shed
She opens the boxes, it's the time that we dread
Then she gathers the fam'ly, there's not a place we can hide
So we'll be busy for the next few weeks
While Carol serves as our guide

Mistletoe in the doorway
Along with jingle bells
And I was thinking to myself
You know this season is our jingle hell
Then she pulls out the lanterns and she tells us the way
That she's wanting every single one
To line the entryway

Welcome to the world of Christmas Carol
A calamity (a calamity)
For her family
Plenty to do in the world of Christmas Carol
She will supervise (she will supervise)
While we organize

Her mind is holiday focused for several months of the year
She buys a lot of pretty pretty lights and yuletide gear
And we know what is coming, there is no doubt
Each inch decorated, both inside and out

So I called up my buddies, "please help us with this"
They said
"You gotta deal with this yourself, it's just you and your kids"
And so we're decking the halls every night and day
If the elf on the shelf is somewhere near
It might hear me say

Welcome to the world of Christmas Carol
She is having fun (she is having fun)
Bossing everyone
There's plenty to do in the world of Christmas Carol
Everything that's seen (everything that's seen)
Must be red and green

Santa on the rooftop
With reindeer and a sleigh
And she says
"We should re-position them all somewhere new each day"
And in the picture window
She has us set the tree
We're hanging lots of ornaments
As she eyes us critically

After weeks of effort
We were prostrate on the floor
We'd given all we had to give
Couldn't do this anymore
"Relax" murmured Carol
"You can rest 'til New Years Day
Then you need to pack it up again
And put it all away"