Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


(Don't) Call On Me

Original Song: "Fall On Me" by REM

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There's a problem on the chalkboard
Teacher says we need to solve it
Find results for x
Assuming y is thirty-nine

I just sigh and try to hide
And pray that I don't catch her eye

Don't call on me (what do I need this stuff for)
Call on me (just leave me alone)
Call on me (it's pointless, it's meaningless)

Made some progress
I have found that x cannot be more than twenty
Well at least that's what I heard the guy behind me say

Wonder why I'd rather die
Than deal with pi and x and y

Don't call on me (just give me a break teacher)
Call on me (man this class is long)
Call on me (I'd rather be somewhere else)
Call on me

(Well I would give it a shot, but really it doesn't matter to me)
(So I'll just sit here and act like I am trying to work it out)

I should try to just comply
And solve for x and not ask why
But I sit by, stare at the sky

Don't call on me (choose someone who cares about this)
Call on me (let me outta here)
Call on me (c'mon bell, c'mon and ring)

She called on me (crap, what am I gonna answer)
Called on me (show it on the board?!?)
Called on me (it's over, over for me)

Called on me
She called on me (I'm walking up to the chalkboard)
Called on me (maybe I should faint)
Called on me (I really need the x-men)