Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


Larry The Cable Guy

Original Song: "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go" by Wham!

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Git 'er done (x4)

I was a redneck right from the start
I've got a Bubba brain and a country heart
"Git 'er done" is what I say
Gotta work-work-work if I wanna get paid
And then go chugging brew
All though the night
And head on home when it starts to get light
Couple hours in the bed
Up and at 'em, 'cause another show is just ahead

Every night, I'm gonna go go
Out on the stage to do another road show
Most the time I'm flying solo
Tell a couple stories as the cable guy
I don't need to work pro bono
'Cause I get paid to be kinda loco
Every night, I find my mojo
You'll be laughing tonight
Or I'll apologize (yeah, yeah)

I wear my beat-up jeans everyday
I drive a one-ton pickup from Chevrolet
I'm a man of real simple tastes
Just want a burger and a beer buffet
But don't assume that I'm a fool
I graduated from Joe Bob's trade school
Buddies said I'd do all right
'Cause I'm funny, settin' all my farts alight

So tonight, I'm gonna go go
Out on the stage to do another road show
Clown around just like a bozo
You don't want to miss it when I'm crackin' wise
Play guitar, but not an oboe
Won't play anything by Yoko Ono
I am such a virtuoso
Hear me singing tonight
About my Miller Light (yeah, yeah, yeah, baby)

Git 'er done (x2)

With Jeff Foxworthy, and Ron White
And Bill Engvall, it's quite a sight
Snooty critics say that we're inbred
That's not what daddy brother said

Git 'er done

Once again, I'm gonna go go
Out on the stage to do another road show
But I'm not like Jay and Coco
Never gonna catch me in a suit and tie
Say goodnight, and then I go go
On the road again just like a hobo
Gotta get on up to Soho
Step back into the lights

Every night another road show
Everywhere from eastern Oregon to Kyoto
Takin' chances
Work work work work
Work work work work