Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht



Original Song: "Get Me To The Church On Time" from My Fair Lady

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There's just a few more hours
That's all the time he's got
A few more hours
And then he will be caught

There's zeds and ghouls all over London
And they're gonna track me down in just a few more hours
Oh no! Then I'll die! Well, kinda...

I'm gettin' buried in the morning
Ding dong! The bells are gonna chime
But come the nighttime
It will be fright time
My body has been zombiefied!

I'm gettin' buried in the morning
Later I'll rise up from the grave
I have a hunch-y
I'll have the munchies
And brains are what I'm gonna crave!

When I am walkin', you better run
When I am stalkin', chomp! Your life is done

I'm gettin' buried in the morning
I won't be underground for long
You better wise up
'Cause I'm gonna rise up
I'm heading to the prom
Better get a bomb
You know that I'll be walkin' zombie strong

I'm gettin' buried in the morning
Then comes the reading of the will
But what is unsaid
Is that I'm undead
And really, really hard to kill

I'll go out hunting to your dismay
And I'll be grunting, words are hard to say

Oh, I'm gettin' buried in the morning
I'll lie until the sky is dark
Then I'll be off 'n
Leaving my coffin
I know I'm doing well
When I hear you yell
I'll hunt you like an SNL land shark

He's gettin' buried in the morning
We think that he is dead and gone
Wrongo! They'll soon be learnin'
I am returnin'
With hunger that goes on and on

He's gettin' buried in the morning
We'll go and say our last goodbyes
Then when I greet you
And start to eat you
It's gonna be a big surprise

And when I snatch you you'll wanna know
How did I catch you when I move so slow

Oh, he's getting buried in the morning
That's gonna be his final act
Grave digger fella
I need to tell ya
My grave's no longer filled
Don't send me a bill
'Cause I am (sorta kinda) still intact

We start to shootin'
He keeps on scootin'
He'll track us to the end of time

He's never blinking
But he is thinking
Our brains are USDA Prime

You think it's wrong; still, you know it's true
It won't be long 'til you're a zombie too

He's really scary as a zombie
He doesn't feel it when he's shot
I'm never stoppin'
'Til you are droppin'
I'm hunting 'til you all are caught

We're sick of runnin', time to fight now
It's time to shout a battle cry
Eddie and Teddy
Chainsaws a-ready
He's sliced to bits, he's toast, goodbye

I'm gettin' buried in the morning
In separate holes for every piece
Zombie solution
Is dissolution
My buddies are the best
I am truly blessed
'Cause now I finally can go rest in peace