Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht



Parody Performed By: Gary Hermann

Original Song: "Breasts" by Tracy Lundgren

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Even though this parody was requested by the BKSG boys, by the time it got done it caught the Black Knight off guard -- as you can hear during the performance.

I have a giant bulge in my pants
It is all natural without implants
When I wear spandex the ladies all stare
It looks like a boa constrictor in there

Dong, rod, crotch rocket too
What is a guy to do?

There are advantages when you're well hung
I go pole vaulting whenever I want
But I must be careful around pretty girls
'Cause it can be frightening when it unfurls

Wang, willie, tally whacker too
What is a guy to do?

One time a zookeeper thought I was drunk
And that I had stolen the elephant's trunk
When I shop for footwear I swear it's true
That ev-er-y salesman brings out a third shoe

Schlong, sausage, skin flute too
What is a guy to do?

So many uses I can't count them all
Fishing pole, cue stick, post for tetherball
And sometimes in summer, just for a lark
I make it a perch for the eagles and hawks

Shaft, tool, magic wand too
What is a guy to do
Yes, hose, power drill, joystick too
What is a guy to do