Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


Broken Cars

Original Song: "Open Arms" by Journey

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Out in the country
I have a field
Where I take cars that have died
Engines are injured
Axles are cracked
All electronics are fried
But I know that someday
I'll take them apart
And then I'll build my new ride

But for the moment I have broken cars
Here on my lot
They sit and they rot
But I believe in broken cars
Someday you'll see
What can be made from these
Broken cars

Spending my weekends
Out in the hoods
Dashboards and chassis and trunks
Sometimes I wonder
Maybe I should
Sell all this metalwork as junk
But I'll keep on going
Til out of this field
Comes something that's wheeled

And now I've gone and made a Frankencar
Seeing it might
Just give you a fright
It bangs and chugs, my Frankencar
It's lots of fun
When I get it to run