Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


BKSG Fourth Anniversary Song

Parody Performed By: Gary Hermann

Original Song: "Eight Days a Week" by The Beatles

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The squire explains the mysterious key change in the recording of this parody.

Four years since we started
Black Knight / Squire G
Now we celebrate our

Fake Jay, phone Jay, chat Jay, show Jay
We got all types of Capone on

Blue Flame fuels his show with
Black bean casserole
Starts his act by shouting
"Fire in the hole"

Don's a poet, we all know it
He's got Candu attitude on

God be with you
We raise a brew
And toast the time you shared with us

Squire makes mojitos
Come and join the fun
Think we drank too much, though
We've got retro runs

Cher-e-o-kee Karaoke
Lucinda says "oh my god" on

We're full of mirth
And vodka
We span the earth
We're on both of the internets

Racer X drove Lineman
Close to suicide
But it turned out fine, man
Ratings went real high

B-K-S-G, B-K-S-G
"You think you're better than me?" on