Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


Berwyn Brownout

Original Song: "The Sounds of Silence" by Simon & Garfunkel

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On June 17, 2006, it was a scorcher in Berwyn.

Here in darkness once again
Because the power's spread too thin
There ain't enough electricity
To meet the needs of the whole city
So we gather up our stock of japanese
Here in this Berwyn brownout.

Around the house I walk alone
'Til I find my telephone
Find the number and call Com Ed
But then they say they're Excelon instead
And they say that we are all using too much juice
Electric use
Has caused the Berwyn brownout.

And then I tell them it's their job
To make those power cables throb
Send us more electricity
Feed our fridges and our TV's
You would get it fixed if people here were rich
Flip the switch
And end this Berwyn brownout.

They say "You don't understand -
The supply can't meet demand
Berwyn's power grid is not sturdy
It was built in 1930
So there's only so much it can bear
No repair
Can fix the Berwyn brownout."

So I told them to upgrade
Put some newer lines in place
But they said that would cost some cash
Spending might cause their stock to crash
And they told me "Although it's 90 out
Don't use your air conditioning.
Thanks for calling.
Enjoy your Berwyn brownout."