Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


Baltic Avenue

Parody Performed By: Skip Briggs

Original Song: "Warwick Avenue" by Duffy Hear the original song on YouTube

YouTube pages can be removed at any time. If you find a broken link, let me know. I'll appreciate it.


When I get to Baltic Avenue
I will buy a house or maybe two
This whole block is gonna be all mine
Property is the true bottom line

When I get to New York Avenue
I'll stop to make a deal with you
You'll think it's okay, I'll be so sincere
But you'll be had, 'cause I'm a profiteer

My strategy's complicated, baby
You'll think you're winning but you'll soon owe me
You'll be confused and just thinking maybe
You never shoulda played Monopoly
With a pro like me

When I get to Ventnor Avenue
My secret plan'll be revealed to you
You'll have no Chance, you'll call me names
'Cause I am the master of table games
When I own the richest avenues
I'll tell you baby that you're through

I'm buying up every rail line, baby
I'm gonna snatch up the utilities
You'll feel abused 'cause my play is gutsy
You'll try your hardest but you can't beat me
Just wait and you'll see
Parking ain't so free

All the games played together
I play them better
And it's prob'ly got you feeling glum
You'll be faint hearted
At what I've started
You and your cash are parted
I've been so very clever
Planning this endeavor
But I didn't want to roll a four!
Oh no

I keep on landing on your properties
And on Luxury
Man that's taxing me
You got lucky
This just cannot be
How did you beat me?