Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht



Original Song: "Amanda" by Boston

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If you didn't already know, Dormammu is a villian who appears primarily as a foe of Doctor Strange. Why is he the ending of this parody, you ask? Because the Avengers movie has Loki as the villian, and Dormammu has allied with Loki in at least one comic-book storyline. Also, there is speculation that there will be a Doctor Strange movie and that the character might get integrated into a future Avengers movie. So, time will tell if this parody foreshadows actual movie-making events.

Hey, I'm watching the show today
There's something I just have to say
I don't think they can hide or just brush it aside
It's not ok, it's such a bother
And I, I'm not sure how this can be
I look on with disbelief
There are four on the team with their powers extreme
But what the hey, who are these others

You've got a guy whose major skill is shooting pointed quills
You've got a gal who's kinda smart and real good with martial arts
No super powers I can see, but yet they get to be
It's crazy

They, they'll go to an early grave
Fightin' super-powered knaves
So I think we agree, take 'em off of the team
They may be brave
But they are just human
So, just have him turn in his bow
The Widow and the Hawk should know
They'll get knocked out of sight if they put up a fight
'Cause super foes
Don't care they're just human

You've got a guy with skillful aim, but that's just kinda lame
You've got a gal who's quite a spy but you still should say goodbye
No super powers I can see, but yet they get to be
Avengers (Oh why?)

Iron Man
Along with mighty Thor
And the Hulk, the patriotic Captain
Are able to fight a war
They, they're like X-Men
They're unstoppable together
So let's be clever
And show Widow and Hawk the door

Then, add a new face or two
Maybe Doctor Strange could join the group
But then, you'd face Dormammu