Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


Alternative Facts

Original Song: "What A Wonderful World (This Would Be)" by Sam Cooke

Parody Performed By: Skip Briggs

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Don't know much about honesty
Don't have much civility
Don't know much about reality
Don't know much about legality
But I don't need to know what's true
If you're trusting what I'm telling you
When I say what you want to believe

Don't know much about integrity
Don't have much capability
Don't know much about dignity
Don't have very much empathy
But I tell you four and four is two
And I know you agree it's true
When it's something you want to believe

Now, I have claimed to be an "A" student
Though my average was "D"
'Cause maybe by saying I'm "A" student, baby
You will blindly follow me

Don't know much about liberty
Don't know much morality
But I do know opportunity
And I do know gullibility
So it won't matter what I say
You believe it, so then it's OK
It's alternative facts that you need

{Hear my plea}
{Sets you free}
{Follow me}

And it's power that I accrue
When you start believing verbal poo
My alternative facts profit me