Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


All About Me

Parody Performed By: Skip Briggs

Original Song: "Under the Sea" from "The Little Mermaid"

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When I walk into a party
The people all flock to me
They tell me that I'm terrific
And I'll never disagree
And all of the paparazzi
Are trying to get a shot
Forget Donald Trump and Rosie
They never will be this hot

All about me
All about me
Crowds gather near me
So they can cheer me
All of my jokes get giant laughs
Everyone wants my autograph
I presuppose that
Everyone knows it's
All about me

I'm so very rich and famous
Got limos and private jets
And only an ignoramus
Would not know that I'm the best
When I watch my HDTV
I know what I'm gonna see
Whatever the time or channel
There's me staring back at me (oh yeah)

All about me
All about me
If I say try it
Millions will buy it
I guarantee
They tell me that I represent
More people than the president
I've got such merit
People declare it's
All about me
All about me
They learn in school that
I am so cool that
Science agrees
That evolution reached its peak
With my IQ and my physique
No doubt about it
You will find out it's
All about me

Don't hate that I'm great
Be awed I'm not flawed
You've seen that I'm keen
The critics all laud
I'm smart off the chart
And strong as King Kong
The line is I'm fine as rain (yeah)
A lot say I'm hot
The rest say I'm best
I'm bright as a light
I guess you're impressed
And everyone knows
My legend just grows
And so I can't complain

Yeah, all about me
All about me
I'm so adored
I won an award
For just being me
Millions of people all pretend
That they're my close and personal friend
Alistair Cooke once
Authored a book that's
All about me
And there's a groovy
Blockbuster movie
All about me
You're comprehending
That I'm pretending
It seems extreme but
I can still dream it
Visions excite me
Someday it might be
All about me