Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


Al and Petunia

Parody Performed By: Gary Hermann

Original Song: "Boot Scootin' Boogie" by Brooks and Dunn

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You just never know who is going to call in to BKSG and request a parody.

Up in the northern part of North America
Well there's a guy and gal who are never blah
He plays a wild mix of songs on the internet
She pours whiskey, brandy, bourbon and scotch
And iVisit's where you watch live with Al & Petunia

On Radio Heart where Al calls himself uncle
With Petunia Bloom, they make quite a couple
He's older than the planet Earth, and she looks twenty-three
So when Al is playing music on the radio
Send IM and say hello to Al & Petunia

Yeah, tundra, Canada, puttin' on your parka, ya hey dere
Oh, Yukon Jack, cognac, applejack, a six pack, maybe sangria
Oh, freewheel, what a deal, are they real, Al & Petunia

Now Petunia's sayin' that Kinky's her bitch
I think that Kinky is hoping that Petunia is rich
And Al is sayin' that he puts the nad in Canada
And there's Jackie, Glitzy, Sad, and Dave, so give them all a wave
Along with Al & Petunia

Yeah, vodka, Pinot Noir, pour me some tequila, kahlua
Oh, ketchup chips, Timbits, top it off with Dare mints, that'll do ya
On air, hear 'em swear, what a pair, Al & Petunia

Woah, what pluck, doesn't suck, Al is such a big lucky fella
Yeah, check it out, no doubt, gonna give a shout out to BKSG
Yeah, Charbay, Tanqueray, Chardonnay, Al & Petunia

I said get up, drain the cup, crank it up, Al & Petunia
Oooh, let's go, what a show, get to know, Al & Petunia