Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


Acne Zit From Hell

Original Song: "King for a Day" by the Thompson Twins Hear the original song on YouTube

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When I wrote this, I paced it from memory. Later on I played the original and discovered just how faulty my memory can be.

I know you well
And I can tell
There's something on your nose
Don't throw a fit
But it's a zit
And in the dark it glows

You've tried peroxide
And salicylic acid
And found they're not enough anymore

You've got the acne zit from hell
And I know it very well
Because I used to have it when I was your age
When you've got acne zits from hell
There's no cream and there's gel
That can make the hellish acne go away

They're on your face
You can't erase
The pimples small and large
And in the mirror
Your greatest fear
They're starting to discharge

You dread the whiteheads
That look like snow capped mountains
And spurt like fountains when they're pinched