Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


BKSG 10th Anniversary Song

Parody Performed By: Gary Hermann

Original Song: "Sister Golden Hair" by America

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Well we started back in oh-three in a basement studio
Then we set up shop in Berwyn with the hobos and the hos
Finally made it out to Shorewood and a space here in the garage
Where we've got the room for all our entourage

Well I keep on thinkin' how the show is turning ten tonight
That's a lot of hours talking, and a lot of Miller Light
With a Squire riding shotgun, and a driver called Black Knight
And a parodist who only wants to write

Will you log in to the chat room, will you listen to the show
We are happy that you're here and we would like to say hello
And I don't mind sayin' without delayin' the Black Knight's grayin'

Well I keep on thinkin' how the show is turning ten tonight
And you know there's been some moments that could use a good rewrite
For the most part it's been awesome and an absolute delight
And I still believe we're gonna get it right

Will you call and talk a minute, will you join us on the show
Are you happy just to hear us, are you thinking that we blow
Well I don't mind sayin' I keep on prayin' a sponsor's payin'